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Both SMEs and large enterprises needs BI solutions.

SMEs are the backbone of our economy. They represent 99% of all businesses .

Many small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have long presumed business intelligence software to be very much the preserve of large organizations. Many mistakenly believe that only those with a multi-million Euros budget can afford a business intelligence solution and the benefits it delivers.

However, with affordable and self-service solutions now available (as low as $10 user/month for Microsoft Power BI), business intelligence has enormous potential for smaller firms to make better informed decisions. 

BI allows entrepreneurs to pull out useful information from unstructured data pools. It also enables them to quickly access their sales data, customer and contact lists and use it for answering critical business questions.

BI enables companies to turn every employee into a decision maker. BI software saves time employees used to spend on data entry and manipulation, it provides more accurate customer profiles, it identify cost-cutting areas and makes cooperation easier.


Large Enterprises

The majority of large organizations have either already shifted away from using BI as just another back-office process and toward competing on BI-enabled information or are in the process of doing so. 

Businesses can no longer compete just on the cost, margins, or quality of their products and services in an increasingly commoditized global economy. Two kinds of companies will ultimately be more successful, prosperous, and profitable:

More and deeper insights will generate competitive advantage. Companies with richer, more accurate information about their customers and products than their competitors will gain substantial competitive advantage.

Faster access to insights will make companies more agile. Companies that have the same quality of information as their competitors but get it sooner and can turn it into action faster will outpace their peers.

A single enterprise BI platform may be a vision but is seldom a practical reality.

Having 10 different BI platforms within one company is overkill, but trying to standardize on a single platform brings diminishing returns. Enterprises will likely settle on at least three platforms: a broad enterprise suite; BI embedded in core business applications, such as ERP; and lightweight desktop self-service tools for business users.

Advanced analytics solution four your enterprise

Recommendation generation

After a customer chooses one product, data mining suggests another product.

Risk management

Based on multivariate formulas we can predict levels of risk.

Customer segmentation

We help manage marketing campaigns around similar grouping.

Anomaly detection

We find a single observation among even the millions.


With time-series analysis we provide a look into the future.

Targeted ads

We tailor the communication based on customer characteristics and behavior.

Churn analysis

Together we assess your needs for an effective BI solution.

Predictive maintenance

We predict when maintenance should be performed.

Regulations and Standards

We provide solutions for Solvency 2, Basel iii, ISO 9000, etc..